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Healthcare intelligence needs a higher standard of quality

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Over 50% of provider directory data is incorrect.
Over 30%+ of healthcare workers change jobs yearly.
Over 1,000 health insurance companies operate in the US.
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One of eight US citizens are employed in the healthcare industry.

Candor data has been making a game-changing impact

Candor is the healthcare intelligence layer for a referral management software company, matching patients who need post-acute care to high quality care facilities that take their specific insurance plans.
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Candor is providing the foundational dataset for an OS that is powering some of the biggest health systems in the U.S, providing data on physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, EDs, including data intelligence on provider history, appointment bookings, telehealth options, and more.
Candor’s high-quality directory intelligence is powering a provider network management company to build the best networks for payers across the nation.

Experience matters

For over a decade, the team at Candor helped build one of the largest and most trusted intelligence and analytics platforms in marketing.
We are taking that experience, and applying it to healthcare data, to help improve an industry that affects us all.
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We believe higher quality, transparent, and actionable data not only leads to better decisions, but creates greater trust and confidence for the entire healthcare ecosystem.

We are hiring!

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